Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the introduction

What you guys should hv to knw 'bout me:

  • Started collecting TOYS since pre-school and get FULL encouragement + suppport from my father.. (as he became my money resource..hehe..)
  • Fond into STAR WARS and became a die-hard collector when im in university. will spent half of my scholar money for them... wakakakak... sorry JPA..
  • I tend to collect these kind of goods too
  • - M.A.S.K

To those have the same interest with me,, plz do to comment and share any information and news.. chowz....


Tom said...

What a nice collection, Bro! Will add your link to my blog. Keep updating...

zehobby said...



good good another toy blog xD
keep it up bro