Friday, November 19, 2010

UTUSAN MALAYSIA - Ketaksuban Hot Wheels

sorry guys...maybe quite too late for me to post this agenda.
firstly i want to thank Hot Wheels Club Malaysia (HWCM)
for choosing me to be one of the collectors that been interviewed
by our local newspaper Utusan Malaysia end of July and finally
posted on 28th Okt 2010. i'm honored to share my collections
with all my fellow collectors in my country.
so here are the strips...:)
HOT WHEELS maniac!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HOT WHEELS TRADES - Since 68 4-car pack

hi guys...this will be my first post for hot wheels trades. actually i already done so many
trades from collectors from Malaysia, USA, Canada, Vietnam, S'pore, Chile and
Mexico to complete my needs and from here i will keep updating my
trading business. thanks for viewing

Since 68 4-car pack

got it from my buddy rayz from Malaysia (KL).he's one of our proudly HWCM members. traded
my TH$ Evil Twin with it. luv the DD so much cause of its tampos & can be seen in this 4 pack
set. this set actually was made especially for mattel factory competition and finally won
by Malaysia Factory (if i'm not mistaken)...bangganya....hehehe.