Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HOT WHEELS TRADES - Since 68 4-car pack

hi guys...this will be my first post for hot wheels trades. actually i already done so many
trades from collectors from Malaysia, USA, Canada, Vietnam, S'pore, Chile and
Mexico to complete my needs and from here i will keep updating my
trading business. thanks for viewing

Since 68 4-car pack

got it from my buddy rayz from Malaysia (KL).he's one of our proudly HWCM members. traded
my TH$ Evil Twin with it. luv the DD so much cause of its tampos & can be seen in this 4 pack
set. this set actually was made especially for mattel factory competition and finally won
by Malaysia Factory (if i'm not mistaken)...bangganya....hehehe.


Tom said...

I will follow this "Trade Posts"..hehe

arttt said...

hehehe...will post our newest trade after this..heheh

Rafys78 said...

Nasib baik x teracun.