Monday, January 26, 2009

T-HUNT & T-HUNT$ 2008 (part 1)

hot bird

mustang GT

plymouth road runner

chrysler variation for super (with silver line & without silver line on door)

my 2008 greens...:)


Mô hình said...

Very cool!

Najia said...

do u know where to get hot wheels display rack yg blh susun the cars mcm ada kat jaya jusco?

Saiful Fazli Ramli said...

wanna buy a bus.

or cupcakes!

Saiful Fazli Ramli said...

mat.. aku dah ader blog toy of collection aku. aku akan update gambar-gambar ferrari collection aku slow-slow. hehe. mau beli tanya kuikuikui

log on to my blog site at

arttt said...

yo najia..rack tu i got from metrojaya during sales.actually got 4 of that...n 4 of dapat sorang satu la time tu...just got lucky.maybe u can try asking the promoter in shoping complex

saruman said...

can never find those t-hunt... (when am I getting lucky?)

arttt said...

if u want i still have some xtras,,,:)