Sunday, February 7, 2010

HWCM Annual Dinner

HWCM stands for Hot Wheels Collector Malaysia...this is our club first ever annual dinner. Congrates to all committee members for being responsible to make it came true...looking forward to other activity and for sure HWCM 2nd anni dinner. During dinner all members will received an exclusive Customs 09 Club Car (VW beetle cup)...i got the chase version...10' Club Car (custom 62' chevy) and my fav 2010 Dinner Car (Dairy Delivery)..all are exclusively customized by our own HWCM member..thanks guys for ur effort..CONGRATS.
The activities :
- lucky draw
- competition prizes giveaway
- club n dinner car giveaway
- hw race
- selling booth


2010 Dinner Car & 2010 Club Car

2009 Club Car (Chase ver. cause of its colour and interior detailing)...only 2

HWCM members


saruman said...


arttt said...

u should join the dinner bro..:)

Rafys78 said...

This year?

arttt said...

yes bro..end of last month

Bintang-Bintang Ke Syurga said...

the red mat is super cool and cantik.. saper yang beli tu??

ONeS said...

Waa lawanya...rugi x pergi huhu,tggu superbike aku arrive for sure aku turun kalau bini x bising haha

arttt said...

wuish superbike model apr bro

danielh said...

nice blog pictures!!!
your lucky get that 2009 club car, congrats!!

arttt_anime said...
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